How To Use Apple Pay

With the rise of digital payments, Apple Pay has become a popular choice for making purchases with ease. It allows you to pay for goods and services using your Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or MacBook Pro with Touch ID. Here’s a step-by-step guide for using Apple Pay:

Step 1: Add Your Credit/Debit Card

The first step is to add your credit or debit card to your Apple device. To do this, open the Wallet app on your iPhone or iPad, tap on the ‘+’ button, and follow the prompts to add your card details. If you have a MacBook Pro with Touch ID, you can add your card to your MacBook using the ‘System Preferences’ menu.

Step 2: Verify Your Card

Once you’ve added your card, it will need to be verified. This can be done through your bank’s mobile app or by calling the bank’s customer service. After verification, your card will be ready to use with Apple Pay.

Step 3: Paying with Apple Pay

To make a payment using Apple Pay, simply hold your device near the contactless payment reader, and authenticate the transaction with either Face ID, Touch ID, or your device’s passcode. Your device will display a checkmark or vibration to confirm a successful transaction.

Step 4: Additional Features

Apple Pay also has additional features that can be helpful. For instance, you can set a default card, change your billing and shipping address, and view transaction history. Additionally, Apple Pay can be used for online purchases in Safari with Touch ID on your iPhone or iPad, or Face ID on iPhone X and later models.


Overall, Apple Pay is a secure and easy-to-use digital payment system that can simplify the payment process for users. By following these simple steps, anyone can easily use Apple Pay for their next purchase. If you haven’t used it before, give it a try and experience the convenience of paying with just a tap!

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