How To Unclog Ears

Have you ever experienced that bothersome sensation of feeling like your ears are blocked? It’s not only annoying but can also be quite painful. There are several reasons why a person might experience clogged ears, including wax buildup, allergies, infections, and changes in air pressure while flying or diving. The good news is that there are simple solutions to unclog your ears and alleviate the discomfort. Here are some useful tips:

1. Try The Yawning Technique

One of the easiest ways to unclog your ears is to try the yawning technique. Simply open your mouth wide and yawn. This will contract the muscles in your ears and help to unblock them. If yawning alone is not effective, combine it with swallowing, which will help to open up the eustachian tubes and regulate air pressure.

2. Use A Warm Compress

Applying heat to your ear can also prove to be beneficial in unclogging your ears. Take a warm washcloth and place it on the affected ear for a few minutes. Repeat this process until you feel the pressure release. The warmth will help to soften any earwax or debris that may have accumulated and is blocking your ear canal.

3. Try Ear Drops

If your ears are clogged due to wax buildup, you may need to use ear drops to unblock them. You can purchase wax-dissolving drops from your local pharmacy. Simply follow the instructions on the package and apply the drops to your ear canal, and let it settle for 10-15 minutes.

4. Chew Gum

Another simple trick that can help open up the eustachian tubes is chewing gum. Chewing gum helps to regulate the air pressure in your ears, thus unclogging them. Just make sure to avoid gum that is too sticky, as it might cause further blockage in your ear.

5. Nasal Irrigation

If your blocked ear is due to allergies or sinus congestion, nasal irrigation can be an effective solution. Purchase a saline solution from your local pharmacy, and irrigate your nasal passages with it. This will help to flush out any mucus that may be causing blockage in your ears.

6. Steam Treatment

Steam treatment is another effective way to unclog your ears. Boil water and pour it into a large bowl. Lean over the bowl and cover your head with a towel to trap the steam. Inhale the steam for a few minutes, as it will help to loosen the earwax and congestion in your ears.

7. Take A Decongestant

If your ears are clogged due to a sinus infection, taking a decongestant can help. Decongestants help to reduce inflammation and decrease mucus production, thus reducing the pressure in your ears. However, before taking any medication, make sure to consult your physician.

8. Consult A Doctor

When all else fails, and you experience severe ear pain, a high fever, or hearing loss, it’s best to consult a doctor. These symptoms might indicate a more serious medical condition that requires professional attention.


Clogged ears can be uncomfortable and frustrating, but with these simple solutions, you can unclog your ears and feel relief. Remember, it’s crucial to consult your physician if the problem persists or if you experience any concerning symptoms. With the right treatment, you can get back to your daily routine without further discomfort.

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