How To Clean Dishwasher

A dishwasher is a convenient appliance that washes and dries dishes with ease. However, if you don’t clean your dishwasher regularly, it can develop an unpleasant odor and stop working efficiently. Cleaning your dishwasher may seem like a daunting task, but it is not as difficult as it seems. With this guide, you can learn how to clean your dishwasher and keep it in excellent condition.

Step 1: Clean the Dishwasher Exterior

The first step to cleaning your dishwasher is to clean its exterior. You can use a damp cloth and mild detergent to remove any grime or stains from the dishwasher’s exterior. Be sure to wipe down the control panel, door, and the area around the dishwasher. If there are any stubborn stains, you can use a non-abrasive cleaner to remove them.

Step 2: Remove the Dish Racks

To clean the dishwasher, you need to remove the dish racks first. The dish racks can be easily removed by pulling them out from the dishwasher. If the dish racks have any food debris, you should remove them and rinse them under running water. You can also use a scrub brush to remove any stubborn stains from the dish racks.

Step 3: Clean the Dishwasher Interior

The next step is to clean the dishwasher’s interior. You can use a dishwasher cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to clean the interior of the dishwasher. First, remove any debris from the dishwasher’s drain area. Then, place a dishwasher cleaner tablet at the bottom of the dishwasher, or pour a cup of vinegar and baking soda mixture into the bottom of the dishwasher. Run a full cycle of the dishwasher without any dishes in it.

Step 4: Clean the Spray Arm

The spray arm is an essential component of the dishwasher. If the spray arm is clogged with debris, the dishwasher won’t work efficiently. To clean the spray arm, you need to remove it from the dishwasher and rinse it under running water. You can also use a toothbrush to remove any remaining debris from the spray arm.

Step 5: Clean the Dishwasher Filter

The dishwasher filter is responsible for trapping food debris and preventing it from clogging the dishwasher’s drain. To clean the dishwasher filter, you need to remove it from the bottom of the dishwasher and rinse it under running water. You can also use a soft brush to remove any remaining debris from the filter.

Step 6: Reassemble the Dishwasher

Once you have cleaned all the dishwasher components, it’s time to reassemble the dishwasher. Place the dish racks back into the dishwasher and ensure they are properly aligned. The dishwasher filter should be secured back into place, and the spray arm should be reattached to the dishwasher’s interior.

Step 7: Run a Test Cycle

Finally, you should run a test cycle of the dishwasher with a small load of dishes. This will help you determine if the dishwasher is working efficiently. If you notice any issues with the dishwasher, repeat the cleaning process until it is working correctly.


Cleaning your dishwasher is an essential part of maintaining it in excellent condition. By following these steps, you can ensure that your dishwasher is always clean and working efficiently. Remember to clean your dishwasher at least once a month, or more frequently if you use it frequently. With regular maintenance, your dishwasher will last for years and provide you with clean dishes every time.

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